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Choose Class Type
Enter a Class Name

Examples: Common stock class can be just called "Common". Preferred stock classes are usually named like "Series A Preferred".

Enter a Class Prefix
Maximum size for Stock Class Prefix is 20 characters

Used to name stock grant IDs. For example, if the prefix is CS, the stock grants will have unique IDs like CS-1, CS-2, etc.

This field is required.
Date format should be mm/dd/yyyy
Number of Shares Authorized is required and cannot be 0.

The maximum number of shares you can issue and reserve for stock plans. Amendments to this initial number can be entered later.

Enter the original issue price
Original issue price can not be 0

When you grant stock, this will be filled in as the price per share, which can be customized for the true capital contribution.


Seniority is required and cannot be 0.

Determines the payout order during a liquidation event. The first common stock class has a seniority of 1 and is the least senior. Add 1 for the next seniority. Multiple stock classes can have the same seniority.

Conversion rate is required and cannot be 0.

Shares of Common Stock for 1 share of Preferred Stock.

Enter the liquidation preference multiple
Enter the Participation Cap Multiple

For this stock class’ associated funding round.