Manage & plan your startup equity is powerful, equity management software used by over 32,000 companies
to keep accurate records, plan financing rounds, and save time and money.

Keep accurate records

Keep accurate records

Your founders, investors and employees are all co-owners of your startup. It’s part of your job to build and maintain an accurate record of that ownership over time.
15-minute setup
Digital stock issuance
Unlimited stakeholders
Stock plan management

Plan your next round

When planning a round, or reviewing a term sheet, it’s important to understand the terms of the deal and its potential impact on existing stakeholders.
Model financings and exits
Convert notes & SAFEs
Ready-to-raise cap table
Stakeholder impact analysis

Plan your next round

Save precious time

Save precious time

There’s a reason you work at a startup, and it’s not because you love admin tasks. saves you time so you can get back to work on building your company.
Single source of truth
Digital records & audit trail
SEC & IRS compliance
Multi-party equity admin

A proven solution

Legal Professionals
Kirsty Nathoo
Partner, CFO, Y Combinator
We trust to help YC startups model the ownership impact of SAFEs and be prepared for Demo Day. is used by the most prominent startup accelerators to educate their founders on how cap tables and fundraising work, with built-in support for accelerators’ standardized investment instruments.
Jack Rothacher
Director of Finance & Operations, Obvious Ventures
Investors need cap table accuracy and transparency. I recommend to save time and get cap tables right.
Investors track their holdings and model exit scenarios in real-time using Bonus - the cap tables they’re on are better maintained, paving the way for smooth corporate transactions.
Founders & Management
Alex Farrill
Founder & CTO, Open Listings (YC W15)
We've been using and Fast409A since our early days and through our acquisition by Opendoor. It was easy to get onboarded, and we found Captable’s scenario modeling tools very useful for planning ahead. is quick to set up and simple to use, so founders can use it from day one to plan and manage their startup equity. One in five venture-funded startups in the U.S. keep their stakeholders in sync and minimize funding dilution using our software.

Software for company builders

Your account provides access to all tools on the LTSE Software Platform.

Hiringplan is a headcount planning tool for startups with built-in market data. It helps founders adopt a structured compensation plan, pay people fairly and preserve cash and equity runway.
Most startups die from running out of cash. Runway is an easy, visual way to plan and manage your startup's most precious resource, explore scenarios and track planned versus actual spending.
Portfolio reporting made easy, for investors and startups. Disclosure streamlines the process of requesting, tracking and aggregating information from portfolio companies, saving time and duplication of effort.
Captable is a free, fully-featured equity management and planning tool that helps companies structure and record company ownership accurately, collaborate and share with stakeholders, and model and plan future investment rounds.

Our mission is to enable the next generation of bold visionary companies to thrive. Each tool is something we choose to invest in to create ecosystem reform, a fundamental part of our mission.

Eric Ries
Founder & CEO, LTSE

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LTSE Captable is portable and built to scale — from your first round of funding to entering the public markets.