offers founders quick guided creation, easy
collaboration & sharing, convertible security & option calculators, and
powerful round & exit modeling.

Build Your Cap Table in Minutes
Follow a guided process to set up the basic components of your cap table. Create as many tables as you like for free. From planning your startup, to capturing founder and early employee ownership to negotiating an investment, is a fast, easy tool designed for founders, not cap table experts.
Manage your Stock Plan
Record and track grant amounts, strike prices, vesting schedules and start dates. View vesting graphs for the total pool or for individual employees. Perform common stock option workflows like early exercise or conversion to restricted stock.
Get your 409A Valuation
Before you can safely grant stock options you must have an up-to-date, 3rd party 409A valuation. Our process blends the best of software and human expertise. Each valuation takes an hour or less of your time to submit, is delivered in days not weeks, and is customized to the nuances of your individual startup.
Model Future Investments
Plug in different valuations, investment amounts and option pool sizes. Evaluate how different scenarios impact ownership and exit proceeds. Understand how notes and warrants convert at different valuations. Educate yourself before you negotiate your next round.
Round modeling
Exit modeling
Understand Convertible Notes
Model different principal amounts, interest, discounts and valuation caps. Understand how multiple notes convert to equity at different pre-money valuations.
Understand Liquidation Preferences
Understand the impact of liquidation preferences. Explore how different liquidation and participation terms impact your exit proceeds across a range of exit valuations.
Collaborate and Share
Grant full access to your co-founder, controller or lawyer. Share a complete, read-only view of your cap table with a board member. Send an angel investor or employee a summary view of your cap table. Revoke access as needed.
Quick Create
The Quick Create panel hosts common actions and workflows in one convenient location. Quickly and easily grant stock, stock options, grant convertible securities, and access workflows for transferring or exercising stock.
Convertible securities
Stock options
Options to RSUs
Employee departures