Cap tables made easy as pie.

Build and share your cap table, conveniently and securely in the cloud.
Create and issue stock classes and convertible instruments. Explore investment round and exit scenarios. keeps everyone on the same page, provides transparency and helps avoid costly mistakes. is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We pledge to keep your company data encrypted, private and secure. Learn more.

Quick, guided creation

We make it easy to input your company's capitalization data into our platform. The result is a graphical representation of your cap table and an easy to navigate dashboard. You can then easily keep track of subsequent issuance of stock, options, warrants, and financing events, including convertible notes and Y Combinator's SAFE.

Explore scenarios

After entering your cap table info, allows you to model prospective financing events so to understand how such financings will affect your cap table (shareholder dilution).

Understand outcomes also allows you to model exit scenarios. You get to see possible shareholder returns based on various exit valuations.
More and more startups are opting out of old-fashioned paper stock certificates. is a great way to manage your paperless stock, with all the advantages of going digital for you, your investors and your employees.