Company Formation

Description Value
Legal name [[]] Not entered
DBA (doing business as) name [[company.dba]]
Formation date [[company.founding_date]] Not entered
Country of formation [[company.countryData.countryName]] Not entered
State of formation [[]] Not entered
Tax ID [[company.tax_id]] Required for Fast409A


Description Value
Primary contact [[]] Not entered
Website [[]]
Country [[company.contact_country]]
Address [[company.address]]
City [[]]
Province [[company.province]]
State [[]]
Postal code Zip code [[company.zip_code]]

Startup Accelerator

Description Value
Accelerator Y Combinator Techstars Other None Not entered
Batch [[company.batch.toUpperCase()]] [[company.batch]]


Description Value
[[ company.first_signatory.title ]] President [[ ]] Not entered
[[ company.second_signatory.title ]] [[ ]]


Description Value
Certificate-free stock issuance [[ company.certificate_type == 2 ? 'Yes' : 'No' ]] Not entered
Share fully diluted ownership [[ company.share_fd ? 'Yes' : 'No' ]]
Currency [[company.currency]] Not entered